Empowering Engaged Digital Communities


The Art and Science of Community Building

We work with communities who want to achieve big things. That means our work doesn’t stop with a licensing fee. We are invested in your mission. Empact provides the below services as support to ensure the successful launch and growth of your community.



Critical to the success of any community is engagement. When it comes to digital community, this requires the effective conversion of users from existing mediums onto your Empact platform. When licensing a platform, you gain access to Empact’s strategic rollout materials and receive personal advising from our team, to ensure the successful launch your community platform, together.


Establishing a digital counterpart to your community allows you to gain insight into key shifts, patterns, and trends within your community by way of data analytics. Our team of data analysts works with you to develop a custom data tracking and reporting system that fits your needs.


Having an online community presence opens new opportunities for you to grow the financial stability of your community and diversify revenue streams. The Empact team works with you to develop how best to develop and grow these new opportunities for monetization.



digital marketing

Together with our sister digital marketing agency, Precision, the Empact team works with our partners to develop and execute on marketing strategies that employ our proprietary methodology to promote engagement and draw new members to your community. Precision is a full-service agency specializing in data-driven marketing, with the ability to track insights down to the the individual and provide full attribution.

Positive psychology

The algorithms driving Empact apply the gamification tactics and positive psychological nudges used by all successful social media platforms to create stickiness and drive engagement. Empact’s decision architecture  ethically channels this cognitive drive for connection and immediate feedback to inspire each individual to innovate, problem solve, and add value to the collective community.

Community building

Give your members access to a private, virtual network of people, ideas, and resources. Facilitate member-to-member connections with the help of AI matching algorithms. Open new channels for communication and collaboration structured around set challenges and core topics. Drive member engagement by empowering each individual to both contribute and gain from the community’s collective wisdom