Crowdsourcing Innovation Through Collaboration


Empact Collaboration Platform is a SAAS technology that enables communities small and large to communicate, collaborate, and aggregate individual knowledge to crowdsource and curate best practices, identify solutions to problems, and innovate quickly. It is a primarily video based platform but can support any media file type.


Why Choose Empact?

“The Empact Collaboration Platform allows our group to collaborate in a way that no other platform can. Having a video-focused tool helps us avoid any of the miscommunications that text based platforms fall into and helps us improve what we say and how we say it.” - Jacob Ham, Director, Center for Child Trauma and Resilience

Community Generated Content


Community Interaction


Upvote & Trending

Upvote your favorite posts or the ones that you find most useful. The best content, as upvoted by the community will rise to the top and be included in Best of Quarter or even reach the Hall of Fame!



Bookmarking posts to add to your library for viewing later or to receive notifications for activity beneath that post. Community members can see what you Bookmark and understand what is important or exciting to you.


Follow & Message Other Users

Follow other users you find interesting and opt-in to receive text or email notifications when they post. You can also send Private Messages to other users.


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